Out With The Old

Three of the most common outdated light systems that are still seen in commercial establishments today are metal halide, sodium-vapor and fluorescent lights. If your business still uses these lights, you are long overdue for a lighting upgrade! Take note of some of the major issues associated with metal halide and sodium-vapor lighting systems:

  Short lamp life
  Unwanted dimming
  Hot temperature
  Long warm-up and re-strike times
  Unnatural light color
  Wasted energy
  High maintenance
  High electricity bills

In With The New

Thankfully, lighting technology has seen major advancements in the past couple of decades, especially with the development and improvements on LED lighting technologies. Check out some of the most noticeable benefits to LED lighting.

L E D Sodium-Vapor Fluorescent Metal Halide
Lamp Life (hours) 50,000 20,000 15,000 10,000
CRI Up to 95 21 75 65
Instant-On x x x
Lumen/Watt 100 110 70 90
Light Color White White Yellow White
Kelvin 5,000 2,100 5,000 4,100

The numbers are clear, but what do they mean in terms of real-life application and benefits for your business?

 Improved color rendering
  Increased nighttime visibility
  Improved security
  Increased productivity
▶  Lower operation costs
▶  Lower maintenance expense
▶  Major utility bill savings
▶  Going Green!

Whether you’re running a tennis club, high school or corporate office, don’t get left in the dark! Switch to an energy-efficient lighting system and watch your energy costs drop by up to 70% – all while your employees work more productively, your students learn better and your sports enthusiasts deem your courts their absolute favorite to play at!