GEI specializes in energy-efficient lighting upgrades of all kinds, from retrofit lighting solutions to new LED installations.


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The Process

Step 1

Free Lighting Audit


Performed by a professional GEI Energy Solution Consultant

Step 2

Customized Proposal


Includes cost-benefit analysis and ROI estimates

Step 3

Maximize Rebates


GEI applies for all applicable rebate and incentive programs

Step 4



Performed by a professional GEI installation team

Step 5



Performed by your utility company and GEI

Step 6



Your business experiences immediate return on your investment through energy savings and a lower electric bill

The Solutions

LED Retrofit Solutions

An LED retrofit upgrade means we replace your energy-guzzling bulbs/fixtures with energy-saving LED bulbs/fixtures that are compatible with your existing lighting fixtures. With this option, your establishment won’t suffer any cosmetic changes, but your pocketbook will certainly notice a big difference!

New LED Installations

In some cases, it may be best to replace existing lighting fixtures entirely. Especially in the case of an outdoor establishment (such as tennis courts and outdoor parking lots), pairing your new LED lights with new LED fixtures can not only boost the quality of the lighting system but improve the overall appearance of your establishment.

Rebates & Financing

As rebate and incentive experts, we’ll do all the legwork for you during your rebate application process. We know that a lighting upgrade can seem financially daunting. That’s why we also offer to work with your utility provider’s On-Bill Financing (OBF) program, which can result in zero out-of-pocket expenses for your business. Where OBF isn’t an option, we’re happy to provide information on other financing options.