Retail Establishments

“The lighting quality at our station is more uniform and welcoming, which resulted in night-time revenues going up by more than 20% in the first month since we had them installed. Furthermore, our lighting utility costs have been reduced by approximately 65%.”

– Sam, Owner | Shell Gas Station

“We are quite pleased with the quality of lighting in our office and warehouse. Our electric bills have already shown a reduction in the Kilowatt-hours less than one year ago.”

– Helen, Manager | Misope USA Inc

“As quoted, the installation was completed in few days and your staff was very fast, polite, and professional. The new lighting system is fantastic. The light quality improves the presentation of merchandise for tenants and we all love the fact that all the lights are now the same color temperature and uniformed throughout the plaza. The lighting quality alone was worth the change, but the best part is the fact that we are saving over 30% on our lighting usage, translating to savings for us and our tenants. Also, the fresh warranty for our lighting for five years provides us with a sense of security for the future.”

– Keiko Kuma, Property Manager | Little Tokyo Galleria

““We are very pleased with the results. The light gave our store a face lift and is much brighter. The lighting really compliments our merchandise. Our Electrical bill was running as much as $3600 a month during the summer months […] This year our bill peaked at $2500 a month during a similar period. The cost savings is remarkable and far exceeded my expectations.”

– Larry K. Benson, CEO | The Indian Store