Sports Area Lighting

Professional LED lighting fixtures designed for tennis courts and sports stadiums. These fixtures exceed ATP lighting requirements and can be installed onto your existing poles. They are instant-on/instant-off, reduce glare and blind spots, and greatly improve the overall nighttime play experience.

Stadium Lighting Fixtures

LED stadium lighting, mounted on existing poles on sports fields. These fixtures can be used in parks, schools or other stadium facilities. They are highly efficient and provide day-like lighting quality for the benefit of players and spectators.

Wall Packs

Mounted directly onto exterior walls, these fixtures provide area or flood lighting around the perimeter of a facility, making the building safer and more attractive. Fixture styles include traditional forward-throw, slim wall packs, and mini wall packs.

Shoebox Fixtures

Mounted on poles in parking lots, car dealerships and other open spaces, these fixtures provide broad area illumination, making them integral to promoting safety and nighttime visibility.

High Bay Fixtures

These fixtures are ideal for warehouses, gymnasiums and large retail establishments whose high ceilings require high levels of light output. Fixtures come in round (UFO) or slim linear designs.

Canopy Fixtures

These fixtures are installed on lower ceilings where the output of a high bay is not needed. Canopy fixtures are vandal-resistant, making them the ideal lighting choice for parking structures and gas stations.

Linear Strip Fixtures

These fixtures are commonly used in commercial bathrooms and warehouses. The most popular lengths are 4-ft and 8-ft. They also come in various wattages, making them suitable for low bay or high bay applications.

Troffer Retrofit Kits

These interior fixtures are installed in a variety of commercial locations, including offices and schools. Their design is sleek and modern, and they deliver high-quality, yet efficient lighting. Troffer kit sizes include 2’x4′, 1’x4′ and 2’x2′.